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JCR Editorial Policy

Scope of the Journal

   The Journal of Coastal Research (JCR) covers all fields of coastal research [geology, biology, geomorphology, physical geography, climate, littoral oceanography, hydrography, coastal hydraulics, environmental (resource) management (law), engineering, and remote sensing] and encompasses subjects relevant to natural and engineered coastal environments (freshwater, brackish, and marine), as well as the protection (i.e. management and administration) of those resources within and adjacent to coastal zones (including large lakes) around the world. The JCR broadly focuses on coasts per se, but also embraces those coastal environments that extend some indefinite distance inland (i.e. to the edge of the coastal plain) or reach seaward beyond the outer margins of the sublittoral (neritic) zone (i.e. to the edge of the continental shelf). Consideration is also given to zones farther out to sea if processes or materials affect the coast.

Editorial Policy

   The Journal of Coastal Research is published in English by the Coastal Education and Research Foundation, Inc. [CERF]. Submissions fall into one of the following main departments, which are included in most JCR issues: Research Papers, Technical Communications, Review Articles, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Notes, Discussions and Replies, Meeting Reports, News and Announcements, Coastal Photographs, Honors and Awards, Book Reviews, Books Received, Dedications, and Errata (Corrigenda).

   There is a required, non-refundable manuscript submission fee for Research Papers, Technical Communications, Notes, and Review Articles (there is no submission fee for other contributions). CERF members receive a reduced submission fee of US$45 USD vs. US$65 USD for non-CERF members. This fee is required to offset third-party subscription hosting and maintenance costs associated with the online journal (www.JCRonline.org) and maintenance of the electronic Editorial Manager (PeerTrack) manuscript tracking and peer review system (http://www.editorialmanager.com/jcoastres/).

   Electronic submission of contributions is required; papers are no longer typeset from manual copy. When preparing amanuscript, it is essential to follow the JCR Author Instructions explicitly. The JCR Author Instructions can be downloaded from www.cerf-jcr.org. Contributions not following specifications, i.e. fail the technical check, will be returned to the author for proper JCR manuscript formatting. Please submit manuscripts for electronic manuscript tracking and processing at: http://www.editorialmanager.com/jcoastres/ 

   It is not the responsibility of editors or peer reviewers to rewrite poorly prepared manuscripts. Manuscripts may be rejected solely on the basis of poor English usage and grammar. Authors who have difficulty writing scientific English may avail themselves of several English language editing services. Some options are listed below. CERF does not endorse any individual or agency. Professional qualifications and compensation must be discussed with the specific editing service the author chooses.

Available editing services (in no particular order):









   Research papers, technical communications, notes, and review articles are peer reviewed in a timely manner by at least two referees. The referees assist the Editor-in-Chief in obtaining comments and suggestions for improvement of the manuscripts. The Editor-in-Chief is ultimately responsible for the material published in the JCR.


Author Instructions

downloadDownload and consult the JCR Instructions For Authors before submission. Contributions must follow these specifications or will be returned for correction.

Submit Your Article

uploadElectronic submission of all contributions is mandatory.  Please use this online form to submit your article for peer review and publication.

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