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Woodroffe_CCS Announcement

 CERF is proud to support the Commission on Coastal Systems (CCS), part of the larger International Geographical Union (IGU)

Below is a message from Professor Colin Woodroffe, newly appointed Chair of the CCS and Editorial Board Member to the Journal of Coastal Research (JCR):

CCS banner

   These are exciting times for coastal science, and I am very pleased to introduce the mid-2015 CCS Newsletter. I encourage you to read about the many initiatives under way, including a range of conferences and workshops that are planned. The Commission on Coastal Systems exists to promote interaction between coastal researchers. The Newsletter provides a forum to disseminate information and encourage international collaborative efforts that will lead to enhanced understanding of the natural and human components of coastal systems. Our continued success will, as always, depend upon the active participation of you, as a member of our commission.

   CCS members will be interested in the transition of LOICZ (land ocean interactions in the coastal zone), a core project of IBGP, into a component of Future Earth, and can read about this in a brief summary by Martin Le Tissier, Executive Officer of Future Earth Coasts. There are several common goals that are shared between this new project and CCS, and I am pleased that Zhongyuan Chen and Yongqiang Zong have proposed a coastal session, jointly sponsored by CCS and LOICZ, at the International Geographical Congress in Beijing next year. I extend my congratulations and thanks to Margarita Stancheva for the success of the coastal sessions she has organised at EGU, and for reporting on these in this Newsletter. It is encouraging to know that several other CCS members are organising or planning other activities.

   As incoming Chair, I would be pleased to hear suggestions on how the commission could be more effective. If you have material that you would like to share, send a brief email to Norb Psuty to have an event reported or publicized in the Newsletter (Norb has continued to do an excellent task in preparing and distributing the Newsletter). You are also very welcome to contact members of the steering committee with suggestions about how the commission can extend its network and the contribution it makes to coastal science.

Colin Woodroffe

For more information, including copies of the CCS Newsletter and announcements, please visit:


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